Marjan Verkerk
Levantplein 3
1019 MA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

born: November 25, 1956 in Amsterdam
phone: 00 31 20 418 18 48
mobile: 00 31 6 30 10 93 69

exhibitions / performances

2021 January 1 – April 1, Exhibition Notaris Kantoor Spier & Hazenberg, Amsterdam.
Marjan Verkerk, paintings. Det Smeets, ceramic object.

2016 October 15, Intervision-Studio Osnabrück, Germany. Performance with Joachim Raffel (music),
Saori Ando (dance) and Marjan Verkerk (mixed media on paper).

2016 May 21-22, Open Ateliers Oost. Solo exhibition of paintings and drawings Amsterdam

2015 December 12-13, Marjan Verkerk and Han Buhrs, Materiaal Matinee 3. Exhibition of paintings, drawings and mixed media objects as well as concert by Han Buhrs and Nora Mulder, Amsterdam

2013 November 16-17, Liesbeth Rahder and Marjan Verkerk. Exhibition of paintings, objects, works on paper, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 August 17-18, LOOP-POOL. Interaction between artwork created on the spot, and the music of Joachim Raffel. Rullerhaus, Osnabrück, Germany

2013 March 3, Materiaal Matinee 2. Music, theater and visuals happening, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012 November, Solo exhibition Singel 383, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2011 June 10-12, Klankkleurfestival (sound-color festival), biannual chamber music and art festival at the Uilenburger Synagog, Amsterdam. Designed graphic “scores” performed by viola, cello and contrabas.

2011 April 16-17, Open Ateliers Oost, Amsterdam. Paintings, drawings, photography.

2011 March 11 – 20, Duo-exhibition with Milica Reinhart in Kooperative K, Hagen-Haspe, Germany. Paintings, drawings, photography.

2010 June-July, Duo-exhibition with Milica Reinhart in Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany as well as art project with youngsters during ‘Die Stad, die Welt, Die Liebe’.

Projects and Art in public places

2015 Private commission for R. and A. Hoogvelt-van der Kamp: oil on canvas, tryptich 55×2.65cm, the horizon is a circle, the void trembles

2013-2014 ‘Energywall’, project for ‘Nijambo- Energy for the future’ , mondo mio! Children’s Museum Dortmund, Germany

Work in Progress based on the works of children, resulting in 200 x 1300 cm wall, coloured pencil, pastel and glue on paper, wooden frame by Han Buhrs

2005-2010 Sehnsucht nach Ebene 2 – Kunstprojekt für eine Brücke ’(longing for level 2-art project for a bridge), co-initiator and executive artist in Hagen, NRW, Germany. Chronology:

  • 2005-2006 Conducted 42 Interviews about colours of memory, all with women living around a bridge and originating from different countries. Design developed based on these colours in combination with neon-handwriting.
  • 2007 Exhibition of the desigh for ‘ Sehnsucht nach Ebene 2’, drawings, paintings, computer-animation and documentary film. Gloriakino, Hagen, Germany. (1) The project is nominated to become a pilotproject for Essen/Ruhrgebiet Kulturhauptstadt 2010. Presentation of ‘Sehnsucht nach Ebene 2’ in Pristina, Kosovo. One week of workshops with young locals of both Albanese and Serbian backround.
  • 2008 January-june political struggle for and technical preparation of the Sehnsucht-project. UNESCO-Germany patronages the project. July-december realization, paintings on both sides of the bridge.
  • 2009 February 11 opening of the now realized paintwork and neon lettering along both sides of the bridge, autonomous art on the open space.
  • 2009 June artist talk about Sehnsucht Nach Ebene 2 and Visible Visions (see below), during exhibition ‘Rebelle, Art and Feminism 1969-2009’ at Museum for Modern Art, Arnhem.
  • 2009 September presentation of Sehnsucht nach Ebene 2 during BJCEM (Biannual of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean) in Skopje, Macedonea.

2002-2005 ‘Visible Visions’, co-initiator and artist of international Art project during UN-summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa (group). Chronology:

  • 2002-2003 Two separate works: installation of drawings and photography series of 20 photographic portraits, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • 2003 ‘Visible Visions’, Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen, Germany (16-3 /31-3)
  • 2003 ‘Visible Visions’, Industrie-Museum, Osnabrueck, Germany (15-6 / 15-7)
  • 2003 ‘Visible Visions’, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany (22-7 / 22-9)
  • 2004 ‘Visible Visions’, FAxx, centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Tilburg, the Netherlands (19-3/25-4)
  • 2004 ‘Visible Visions’, Nelspruit , South-Africa (november)+ workshops
  • 2005 Kunstruimte NP40, Amsterdam (solo) (30-1/19-2)
  • 2005 ‘Visible Visions’, U.N.-building, Nairobi, Kenya (21-2/1-3), during UNEP-conference on Environment and Gender
  • 2005 Sparkasse, Osnabrueck, Germany (duo) (8-5/4-6)
  • 2005 Kunstruimte NP40, Amsterdam (group) (21-5/25/6)

Awards and nominations

‘Sehnsucht nach Ebene 2’ nominated as pilotproject for Essen-Ruhr.2010, Cultural Capital of Europe, and patronaged by UNESCO Germany, 2007,2008.

‘Visible Visions’ proclaimed pilotproject of ‘Agenda 21’ by the state of Nordrheinwestafalia, 2002

Earlier exhibitions of paintings and mixed media on paper

2001 ‘Keller(t)raume’, exhibition on special location during EU-conference, Hagen, Germany (duo)

2000 Kahlen/Titz/Galerie, Kornelimünster, Aachen, Germany (solo)

2000 Cultuurcentrum V.U. Griffioen, Amstelveen (solo)

1998 Gallery Cachet, Vienna (group)

1997 Gallery Cachet, Vienna (group)

1997 WG-expozaal Amsterdam, (solo)

1996 Alkent Aktual Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (duo)

1996 ‘Geprolongeerd’, Kohlhof-building, Amsterdam (duo)

1994 ‘Het Bijna Blote Lied’, Lauriergracht, Amsterdam (duo)

1993 Frozen Fountain Gallery, Amsterdam (solo)

1990 Hollandse Spoorweg Gallery, Nijmegen (solo)

1989 ‘Ouverture in Amsterdam The Visitors’, Bloemgracht, Amsterdam, including installation of painted panels (group)

1989 ‘Uitgelicht’, De Vonk Gallery, Bussum (group)

1988 ABP Gallery, Arnhem (solo)

1988 ‘Ouverture in Brighton’ Red Herring Gallery, Brighton, U.K. (duo)

1988 SVBK-Atelierroute, Amsterdam (solo)

1987 ‘Ouverture in Berlin’ Hochschule der Künste, Berlin (group)

1984 Bolshuis Gallery, Amsterdam (solo)

1982 ‘Beeldstroom’, Aorta, Amsterdam, an outdoor painting of 12 x 2 meters, Art Gallery, Arnhem (solo)

1981 De Gele Rijder Gallery, Arnhem and City Theatre Arnhem (group)

Art and sound, mixed media installations

2001 ‘Der Fussballoper’ two 3x4m. paintings for music-performance performed in Germany and Holland. (1)

1999/2000 ‘The whale’ 800 slides for light and sound project for a glas building, Amsterdam. 1)

1995 ‘Some Grumblers’ performances in Geneva, Bern and Grenoble (new drawings).

1995 ‘Diftong’, projected drawings for concert, Lokaal 01, Breda.

1994 ‘Some Grumblers’ Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (new drawings).

1993 9 paintings 2.50 x 1 m. for performance, Bimhuis, Amsterdam.

1991 ‘Enige Nurksen/Some Grumblers’ installation of 22 drawings of 2.25 x2.25 meters, Lokaal 01, Breda. (1)

1987 ‘We’re So Titanical’ 6 moving objects, 3 light objects, 2 sound objects for visualised Schismatics-concerts. Shaffy-theatre, Amsterdam.

1986 ‘Crazy Eddy’s X-mas Sale’ all painted animations, direction, script for 6 minute film, VPRO-television. (1)

1985 ‘Gigi at the Gaz Station’ 12 moving objects and one backdrop, visualised concerts, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Lantaren Rotterdam. (1)

1984 Painted backdrop 6 x 4 meters for Nine Tobs-performances.

1981 Two objects of 12 x 1 meters erected by wind machine for Combo Wind-performances.

Various activities

1995 Textbook 5: 8 collages.

1993 Textbook 4: 8 collages.

1991 Participant in buying harbour canteen in Amsterdam, building of house and ateliers.

1990 Textbook 3: 8 collages.

1988 ‘Het Grote Linosnedeboek’, 13 linocuts.

1987 Costume design Musée de la Révolution Française, Grenoble.

1987 Textbook 2: 8 collages.

1987 Co-founder of Ouverture, international group of artists with the aim to organise exhibitions in different countries in unusual places.

1986 Installation of objects for PTT-building, Rotterdam.

1985 Co-founder of Stichting Tobs, foundation for mixed media manifestations, visual art, film and music.

1984 Textbook 1: 8 collages.

1982 Stage set for Berthold Brecht-piece, Utrecht.

Cover designs for EP’s, LP’s and CD’s (1984, 1988, 1989, 1994, 2004).


Crea-Amsterdam (1998-present), oil painting workshops, Amsterdam (1998-present).

Art Academies in Arnhem (1989) and Breda (1994),


* Over a hundred articles and letters to the editor about the Sehnsucht-project in local and regional newspapers in Hagen and NordrheinWestfalia, 2006-2009.

* ‘Kulturhauptstadt Europas RUHR.2010, Buch eins’, page in catalogue, september 2008.

* Radio and television interviews about ‘Sehnsucht nach Ebene 2’ on various German broadcasting stations, both nationwide and regional, 2008, 2009.

* ‘Geëngageerd schilderwerk’, by Riet van der Linden, Opzij, februari 2005.

* Catalogue: ‘Visible Visions’, an International Art Project’ . (april 2003), including essay by Dr. Birgit Schulte, Curator and deputy Director of the Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen, Germany.

* ‘Marjan Verkerk at W.G.-expozaal’, by Riet van der Linden, Art in America, june 1998.

* ‘Landschappen om in rond te dwalen’(landscapes to wander around in), by Riet van der Linden, art Historian and freelance writer, Opzij, september 1997.

* ‘Verkerk/Arends’,catalogue for Alkent Aktual Art-galery Istanbul 1996.

Film, cd-rom and internet

‘Ein km2 Stadt und eine Brücke’, twenty minute documentary by filmer Ute Badura, showing the two artist interviewing, preparing and designing the Sehnsucht-project, 2006, computeranimation of the bridge project by Yvonne Teuben/Pixelpixies, 2006, actualized in 2009, available on YouTube.

(1)= these projects are documented on video-tape and dvd