the horizon is a circle: the void trembles, triptych: 55x75cm, 55x130cm, 55x55cm, oil on canvas, Marjan Verkerk, 2015 (details below)


200 x 1300 cm, coloured pencil, pastel and glue on paper
Work in Progress: January 2014 - July 2014
Marjan Verkerk, wooden frame by Han Buhrs
Project for 'Nijambo- Energy for the future' , mondo mio! Children's Museum Dortmund, Germany

Your future Island:
What should it look like?
What is important?
What if you lived there only with other children?
What if those children could decide everything for themselves?

Children made drawings in the museum and put them in the mailboxes of the evolving artwork. They wrote texts as well, or their parents interviewed them about the meaning of their drawings.

Marjan Verkerk worked on the spot and developed the image on the wall by assembling the drawings and texts and added to the image with coloured pencils and pastels. Han Buhrs added bit-by-bit parts to the frame using recycled and collected wood.
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The photos below are from the Energywall Project in 2014. Click on a photo to start the slideshow. Press ESC to exit the slideshow.

Visible Visions

In May 2002, three of the European artists taking part in this exhibition travelled
To South Africa In the beautiful province of Mpumalanga
They talked to nineteen women
About their lives, their views, their visions
They were also asked to take photographs -
With instant cameras -
Of their lives
And their environment
Because they are the daily providers
Of sustainable development
In their communities
Their views should be heard -
And seen! -
By the decision makers
Talking at the World Summit
Their pictures, and their words
Have also been a source of inspiration
For the participating artists

To make the visions of these women
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The photos below are from the Visible Vision Project in 2002. See the website for more information about the photos and project.
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